How To Distinguish Carbide Virgin Material And Recycled Material


These days, I received many inquiries, but their prices are much lower than my company price. As a company that only produces the goods with virgin material, we cannot stop customer to buy the recycled material products. But we would like to say something on how to distinguish raw material and recycled material.


Normally we can distinguish them from below four points:

1. Density is different. Usually the recycled material is mixed with several grades and impurities, so the purity is not as pure as virgin material. So when you test the density, you will find the density for the recycled material is lower than that of virgin material

2. Surface appearance is different. We also can check the surface status, the recycled blanks surface is uneven and rough. And you also can check the color after sintering, the color of recycled material is darker.

3. Surface status after grinding is different. After grinding, the virgin material surface is brighter. And you even can find small holes on the recycled material surface.

4. Metallographic is different. You can get a sample strips to look under the microscope. Recycled materials are very uneven due to different grain sizes. You can find the combination of coarse and fine grain size obviously, but the grain size of the virgin material is uniform.