Application of Cemented Carbide buttons in Mine

1. Carbide Buttons Introduction
2. Purposes
3. Carbide Buttons Applications
4. Carbide Buttons Features
5. Carbide Buttons Advantages

1 Introduction

Carbide buttons are widely used in snow plow equipment for oil drilling and snow removal. In addition, carbide buttons are also well used in cutting tools and mining machinery, road maintenance and coal drilling tools. Carbide buttons for mining are mainly used as quarrying, mining and mining tools in tunnels and civil buildings.

2 Purposes

Carbide buttons have their unique working performance, so they are widely used in oil drilling and snow shoveling, snow plow machines and other equipment.

At the same time, it is also used for shearer drilling tools, mining machinery tools and road sweeping snow removal and road maintenance tools. in quarrying, tools used in mining, tunnel engineering, and civil construction.

3 Applications

Carbide buttons, with their unique properties, are widely used in oil field drilling and snow removal, snow plows or other equipment.

According to different oilfield drilling machinery, such as roller cone bits, DTH bits, geological drilling tools, carbide buttons are divided into different standard styles: P type flat top position, Z type coin ball position, X type wedge position.

Stability and high technology ensure the high quality of our products, carbide buttons are often used as shearer drilling tools, mining machinery tools and road maintenance tools for snow removal and road cleaning.

Carbide mining buttons are also widely used as excavation tools in quarrying, mining, tunnel excavation and civil construction. In addition, it is also used as a drill bit accessory for heavy-duty rock drills or deep hole drill bit tool accessories.

4 Features

Carbide buttons are widely used in mining, quarrying and cutting processes due to their high hardness and other characteristics of cemented carbide, and can also be used in heavy excavator drill bits.

Different Grades with recommended applications

YG4C is mainly used as an impact drill for cutting soft, medium and hard materials.

YG6 is used as electric coal drill bit, coal pick, petroleum roller bit and scraper ball tooth bit.

YG8 is used as core drill, electric coal drill bit, coal pick, petroleum roller cone bit and scraper ball tooth bit.

YG8C is mainly used as the buttons of small and medium impact drills, and as the bearing bush of rotary exploration drills.

YG11C are mostly used in impact drills and buttons used for cutting high hardness materials in roller cone drills.

YG13C is mainly used for buttons in rotary impact drills for cutting medium and high hardness materials.

YG15C14.0300085.5 is used for oil cone drill bit and cutting tool in medium-soft and medium-hard rock excavation.

5 Advantages

Carbide buttons have superior wear resistance and impact toughness, and have higher drilling speed than similar products. Ball tooth series drill bits have a long passivation service life, and their non-grinding life is about 5-6 times the grinding life of the same diameter blade bit, which is conducive to saving auxiliary man-hours, reducing manual labor of workers and speeding up engineering.