Cement Carbide Grades for Wear Resistance


Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts are one of the main uses of cemented carbide.

Its properties and uses are as follows:





The   most wear-resistant grade among tungsten carbide, but its impact toughness is   poor

Used as   a drawing die for thin metal wires, wear-resistant parts under non-impact   conditions


Abrasion   resistance is higher than YG8, but toughness is lower than YG8

Suitable   for dry lubrication and stretching of wire rod, manufacturing easily worn   parts of machines and tools, etc


The   strength is high, the impact and vibration are better than YG6, but the wear   resistance is lower than YG6

Suitable   for drawing bars and tubes of steel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, and   manufacturing easily worn parts of machines and tools, such as nozzles, tips,   guides, upsetting rods and piercing tools


a   coarse-grained WC alloy, its performance is close to that of YG15 alloy, but   its wear resistance is higher than that of YG15

Suitable   for steel rods and steel pipes with high compressibility.


a   coarse-grained WC alloy, the strength is slightly better than YG15, and the   wear resistance is better than YG15

Used as   a stamping die for general impact


The   strength is higher than the above grades, but the wear resistance is lower

Suitable   for drawing steel rods and steel pipes with large compressibility, stamping   tools, etc.


Good   impact toughness, not easy to fall off and crack

Suitable   for cold heading dies, reducing stamping dies; stamping dies for large-size   standard parts, such as cold heading screws, nuts, cold punching steel balls,   bullet heads, projectile heads and cartridge cases


Good   wear resistance and high bending strength

Suitable   for making bladed stamping dies, such as watch parts, musical instrument   springs; cold punching battery shells, toothpaste skins; small size steel   balls, screws, nut punching dies, hot-rolled twist drill press plates


Has   high hardness and wear resistance, but not resistant to high temperature and   corrosion

Suitable   for making cold heading, cold punching, cold extrusion, cold drawing and   other molds, boring bars, rolls, rolling tools and fixtures, measuring tools,   machine parts, wear-resistant parts, etc.