Carbide Conveyor Belt Scraper used for Mining Transfer


Carbide Conveyor Belt Scraper Features:

1. Higher Cleaning Efficiency:

The obvious feature of Carbide Conveyor Belt Scraper is lower lifetime cost, becaue of the carbide durability. Brazing makes the carbide strips more compatible with mechanically-spliced belts as well. High bonding strength, high wear resistance, durable.

2. More Cost-effective

Considering lifetime cost, although the initial cost is higher, Carbide conveyor belt scraper durability and lower required maintenance make up the cost difference over the life of the belt scraper, which becomes important when you think about overall costs.

Carbide Conveyor Belt Scraper Advantages:

  1. Can be used for toughest working environment, and highest cleaning efficiency is a key attribute.

  2. Can be used for highly abrasive materials, and extremely wear-resistant is the key point.

  3. Can reduce maintenance times, reducing unacceptable wear rates, highly improving working efficinece.

Carbide Conveyor Belt Scraper Production procedure:

  1. Carbide production: Use Chinese best 100% vigin material to guarantee the high wear resistance, use TPA presser and HIP sintering to maintan stable quality.

  2. Use special brazing method for the high bonding strenght to avoid carbide blade dislodging.

  3. Using CNC machining center and grinder for the post-processing, ensuring the precision size.