Professional Tungsten Carbide Producer 

You need more than just a carbide product, you need a supplier who can help you to maximize product performance. Different applications, special shapes, strict dimensional and form tolerances, all can be solved by us.

About us    
A Carbide Brazing Professional Manufacturer with Soul

Zhuzhou Old Craftsman Precision Alloy Co., Ltd., located in China's cemented carbide base - Zhuzhou, in Hunan Province. 

As a manufacturer started from foreign trade, we are very proud of our culture: altruism, mindfulness, empty cup.

Altruism —— We focus on improving ourselves. By serving customers we fulfill ourselves.

Mindfulness —— We  have righteous thoughts and keep positive actions.

Empty cup —— We have an empty cup mentality. Eager to learn, hence we develop through learning.

Our advantage on carbide brazing products:
1. Full experience on the brazing. We have done thousands of carbide brazing experiments in the last 8 years, earning a lot of experience. 
2. Fast delivery. We have experienced workers and advanced equipment to ensure the delivery. 
3. Comprehensive quality control. We inspect the quality throughout the whole production line. 
4. Excellent after-sales service. 



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Our Advantage

1.We are not big, but we have all the advanced equipment.
2. Our engineer in carbide field for more than 20 years, and we have done export for 14 years. We have many cusotomers cooperated more than 10 years. We have full experience on the production and export process.
3. We have strict production process and quality control process, all products can not be sent out before testing the magnetic saturation, coercive force, density, hardness, bending strength and porosity. ERP and MES system are adopted to the whole production process, the quality is uniform and stable.

Sales Team

Regulating valve is the most important control valve in industrial automatic control

Our Certificate

Casing structure,the spool has sleeve guiding,good stability and low noise.