Our Advantage

1.We are not big, but we have all the advanced equipment.

2. Our engineer in carbide field for more than 20 years, and we have done export for 14 years. We have many cusotomers cooperated more than 10 years. We have full experience on the production and export process.

3. We have strict production process and quality control process, all products can not be sent out before testing the magnetic saturation, coercive force, density, hardness, bending strength and porosity. ERP and MES system are adopted to the whole production process, the quality is uniform and stable.

4. Comapred to big factory, we are more flexible. We can produce the coresponding carbide grades according to customers' actual requirement. And support customers' test on new product.

The longest test we have done for customers was from 2013 to 2020, and currently the product has made breakthrough progress. This is really a big breakthrough to customer and our company.

5. We have perfect after-sales services. No matter what kind of quality problem on flatness, roughness, sizes or any other problems, we take them back withou no excuse if it is our company problem, all returning fees paid by our company.

This is ZZ CRAFTSMAN. Permeate the craftsman spirit into the whole production.

If you have high requirement on the carbide quality, you have idea on the innovated product, welcome to contact with us. We try our best to support you, and gain the develop together.