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carbide grinding disc, carbide disc, carbide profile product, grinding machining
  • carbide grinding disc, carbide disc, carbide profile product, grinding machining

Grinding Disc

1. Customized product
2. Mirror polish
3. Strict tolerance requirement
4. complex shape
5. 100% virgin material with HIP sintering
6. OEM and ODM provided
7. fast delivery and excellent after-sales service

Production Introduction

The carbide grinding disc is a customized product. The main difficulty to produce this product is the shape. According to customer requirement, each size has strict tolerance requirement and the surface must be mirror polished. From the picture, we can see the irregular shape. So how to control deform is very difficult. Also the how to machine the arc, how to machine the thread holes are the key points engineer need to solve.

Production Advantages

1.       Exact size control, using automatic machining machines for grinding

2.       Carbide grade is chosen according to customer detailed requirement on the hardness and bending strength.

3.       Precision machining on the tolerances and teeth shapes

4.       Full set of testing equipment controls the quality on each process, and final inspection before shipment to make sure 100% qualification.

Q: Are customized products your company strong points?

A: Yes, we have 2 CNC machining centers for semi-machining, the engineer are in this field for more than 20 years.

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: depends on the exact products.

Q: can you design the products according to our detailed uage?

A: Yes. Our engineer has rich onsite experience.

Q: If we have special requirement on the carbide grade, can you do it?

A: Yes, we can. We have 1L, 10L powder ball mill tank for doing experiments.

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