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carbide roller, carbide guiding roller, wear resistant, high quality
  • carbide roller, carbide guiding roller, wear resistant, high quality

Guide roller

​Production: 100% virgin material; HIP sintering

Features: accurate size, smooth inside and outside

Smoothness: Ra 0.4

Certificate: ISO9001

Product Details:

The guide roller is the reaction element of the torque converter. It is a roller used to guide the drive belt through obstacles or change the direction of the drive belt. It is located between the turbine and the pump wheel.butThe good performance of the guide roller not only depends on what material you are processing and the lubricant, but also depends on the accurate shape and size of the guide roller itself. 

Product Advantages:

1. Perfect radian and precise size control, tolerance range +0.05mm;
2. Inner and outer grinding, smoothness can reach Ra0.4;

3. Carbide grades are selected according to customers' detailed requirements for specific use and working environment;

4. A full set of testing equipment controls the quality of each process, and the final inspection before shipment ensures 100% qualified.

Pictures of the Wire Guide:



62397834d7d5f.png 623978350c038.png 62397835373c9.png 6239783560ccf.png

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